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GrateSump™ Plus II (4800GPH) Battery Backup System in Philadelphia, PA

The primary purpose of the sump pump is to suck up any excess water that floods into your basement and crawl space, and channel it away from your home. It’s the best way to make sure that your basement and crawl space remains nice and dry during a a storm, but it might fail to do so during a power outage.

This is where the GrateSump Plus II comes in. It has unique features that ensure its place as the most reliable sump pump, unlike any other. The GrateSump Plus II is a battery back up system that automatically kicks into high gear when the power goes out and pumps out double the amount of water compared to a standard dual sump pump system. 

The sump pump works normally when your house has electricity, but if there is a time where a storm manages to take out your electricity, it could put you in danger of a flooded crawl space or basement — right when you need it the most. But the GrateSump™ Plus II battery backup system will have your back. When you get this battery backup sump pump system installed in your home, you’re giving yourself double the protection and peace of mind, knowing that even without electricity, your basement or crawl space is never in danger of flooding.

Battery Backup System Features by Jamison Waterproofing

  • Works automatically when power fails
  • Maximum sustained pumping throughout battery life
  • Powers one 4 amp pump for up to 8,000-10,000 gallons on 1 battery & up to 12,000-14,000 gallons on two batteries.
  • Operates pump on AC & DC power
  • Recharges automatically once power is restored
  • Can charge up to two batteries at the same time
  • Compatible with sealed batteries
  • Low battery indicator (Alarm and LED)

Our Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems in Philadelphia, PA include

  • Dual Primary Sump Pump System with Battery Backup
  • 4800GPH with AC or DC Power
  • (2) GrateSump™ – Advanced Sump Pump Liner
  • (2) FastSump™ Pump – 1/3HP Sump Pump
  • (2) FastSump™ Power Inverter
  • (2) FastSump™ FS-900 converts 12v DC to 115v AC
  • (2) Sealed Battery – 100AH

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