Foundation Repair in Annapolis, MD

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Solutions for Foundation Problems in Maryland

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Maryland Mold & Waterproofing offer a wide range of foundation repair services. Here are just a few of the solutions we offer:


Foundation Crack Repair

The hidden culprits behind foundation cracks are usually concrete shrinkage and soil movement. Small, hairline cracks  hardly threaten your home’s structural integrity.  They are the product of concrete shrinklage. However, vigilance is required for soil-induced cracks which demand prompt attention.

Keep an eye out for these alarming fractures:

  • Broad or V-shaped vertical cracks
  • Fissures around basement windows
  • Horizontal rifts in poured concrete walls
  • Stairstep breaches in block walls

Maryland Mold & Waterproofing  provides cutting-edge repair  technologies and  comprehensive solutions to seal cracks and stabilize foundations. 

wall crack repair
STAIRSTEP CRACK2 Foundation Crack Repair

Bowing Basement Wall Repair


Homeowners now have the ability to cost-effectively and cleanly address bowing basement walls, thanks to innovative technologies from Maryland Mold & Waterproofing.

With options ranging from Carbon Fiber Strapping and Steel I-Beams or Wall Braces, all the way through Foundation Pinning methods – choosing a reliable solution has never been easier.

Put your mind at ease with top of the line repair techniques!

We serve Annapolis, Baltimore and surrounding towns in Maryland.


Foundation Settlement or Sinking

Foundation settlement is a common problem that can occur in both new and older structures.

It happens when the soils underneath a structure’s foundation become unstable and cause the foundation to sink or settle into the ground.

This can lead to cracks in walls, uneven floors, doors that don’t open properly, and more.

Maryland Mold & Waterproofing offers different options for repairing settlement damage including piers or pilings and helical  steel pilings.

Piers and pilings installation involve drilling into the ground underneath a home’s foundation and inserting either helical piers or steel beams that extend into solid soil beneath the structure.


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Maryland Mold & Waterproofing offers a variety of services from waterproofing to foundation repairs. We offer the following services in your area, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation and service, basement crack repair, vapor barriers and moisture control.