Bowing Basement Wall Repair in Annapolis, MD

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What Causes Basement Walls to Bow in Maryland?

Bowing basement walls are a common problem that can cause significant structural damage to a home or building. These walls bow inwards due to excessive pressure from hydrostatic forces, which is caused by water pushing against the wall. If the hydrostatic pressure exceeds the strength of the wall, it will start to bow inwards. Other potential causes of bowing basement walls include soil erosion, expansive soils, and construction problems. If not addressed, bowing basement walls can lead to major foundation damage and other serious structural issues.

Fortunately, Maryland  Mold & Waterproofing offers  many repair options including steel reinforcements, carbon fiber wraps, epoxy injections, and more.

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How to Repair Bowing Basement Walls

At Scaldino Basement Solutions we offer the best in both old tried-and-true methods and the latest technology. We are expert installers of state-of-the-art solutions and we’re also experienced masons and can use different repair methods for bowed basement walls when necessary. 

carbon fiber bowing wall solution

Carbon Fiber Strips

Discover the cutting-edge solution for bowing foundation wall repairs – Carbon Fiber Strapping! This innovative technique utilizes robust, low-stretch carbon fibers to securely and effectively seal cracks, ensuring long-lasting stability and peace of mind.


  • Affordable & Cost effective
  • Stronger than steel beams
  • Lays flat on the walls,
  • Water tight barrier to stop leaks
  • Seals, strengthens, and stabilizes bowing walls
  • Limited Transferrable Lifetime Warranty
  • Can be painted for a clean & finished look.
Wall braces installation

Steel I-beam Repair

Experience peace of mind and lasting stability in your home with our custom-designed, zinc-plated steel beam solutions. Expertly engineered to fortify your basement walls, these robust steel beams partner with industry-leading brackets, securely anchored to floor joists and the basement floor. The result is a dependable wall security system that requires no modification to your walls.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast installation process
  • Long lasting and no corrosion
  • Doesn’t disturb other areas of your home
  • Outside excavation not required
  • Walls won’t slant or bow anymore


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