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What Causes Foundation to Sink in MD

Foundations can sink for a variety of reasons, most commonly due to soil movement or the effects of water. Soil movement can be caused by erosion, changes in foundation material, or sudden shifts in the ground due to natural disasters such as an earthquake. Water can also have an effect on foundations, as it can erode away soil or cause shifting in the ground. In addition, foundations that are not built properly can lead to sinking as well. Poor drainage and/or inadequate compaction of soils around the foundation can cause premature settling and instability over time.

Signs of Foundation Settlement

These are only a few of structural compromise on your foundation. Because foundation problems never stabilize or get better on their own, it is important to have your home professionaly inspected if you observe any of the following:

Cracks in the drywall upstairs, especially around doors and windows

Uneven floors

Windows and doors that don’t open properly

Cracks arpound basement windows 

V-Shaped cracks on foundation walls

Cracks on concrete floors 

Cracks that cane be observed on exterior walls

Tilting chimneys.

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Maryland Mold & Waterproofing Foundation Settlement Repair Solutions

Steel Push Piers

Push piers are a foundation repair solution that is used to stabilize sinking foundations. The piers are constructed of high-strength steel and driven deep into the ground using hydraulic jacks. Piers will be placed at strategic points around the foundation, supporting the structure and providing it with proper stabilization. Once the push piers are in place, they can be adjusted to increase sturdiness and ensure maximum stability for years to come. These piers offer a more permanent solution than traditional methods, as they provide long-term support even under heavy loads or shifting soil conditions.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are a foundation repair technique that can be used to stabilize and support a structure’s foundation. They consist of a long steel shaft with helix-shaped blades on the bottom. The blades are sunk deep into the ground, past the unstable soils around a structure’s foundation. Once installed, the helical piers act as anchors to provide additional stability and support to the foundation. Helical piers are typically used for residential and commercial structures, including bridges, buildings, decks, and more. The use of helical piers is cost-effective, relatively simple to install, and extremely durable.


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