HBC seal Healthy Crawl Space CertificateHealthy Crawl Space Certificate

Steps towards a healthy crawl space and a Nationally Backed Warranty:

(All of our Healthy Basement / Crawl Space Contractors are trained and certified.)

Healthy Crawl Space Levels

HCC Level 1 Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

Basic Ground Water Control

1 FastSumo Liner
1 FastSump Pump 1/3 HP
FastDrain Floor Drain
GP Water Alarm

HCC Level2 Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

Ground Moisture Control

  • CrawlShield Encapsulation System
  • DimpleShield as 1st layer
  • CrawlShield as 2nd Layer
  • All Seams Caulked and Taped with FinishTape & FinishSeal
HCC Level 3 Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

Humidity Control

  • WiseAire 60
  • Advance 2
  • MaxDry Basement Air System
  • EZ Breathe Air Ventilation
    Disclaimer: Nationally Backed Warranty does not cover leaks due to excessive ground water and or pump/power failure. We recommend Level 4 for added protection
HCC Level4 Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

Ground Water Control

  • FastDrain System
  • Additional FastSump Liner
  • Additional FastSump Pump
  • FastSump Power Inverter
  • 12 volt 100 amp Sealed battery
HCC Leve5 Healthy Crawl Space Certificate

Upkeep & Maintenance

  • Clean FastSump Pumps
  • Inspect FastDrain
  • Inspect discharge lines
  • Change Santa Fe Filters
  • Check alarms
  • Test System